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Lowry LLP - International Trade Lawyers


Commercial Contract Law


We can provide commercial contracts support for in - house legal departments and can also assist with major projects and business critical contracts across sectors.


Relationships with suppliers, customers, or strategic partners are areas for which we can draft contracts to protect your business and to maximise your profits.


A range of documents can be drafted to include any concession, right or licence to exploit a market or material assets. Documentation can be prepared to protect our client\'s rights and enhance the value of their businesses.


The types of commercial contracts we prepare include project management, consultancy, purchasing and supply, partnering, teaming, joint ventures, agency, distribution, international trade, licensing, franchises, logistics and warehousing, facilities management, outsourcing, joint ventures and strategic alliances.


Commercial Law and Business Legal Services


Advice can be provided in relation to general commercial legal and business advice to a wide range of clients.


Our base of business clients include retail, transportation, franchising, government, manufacturing and agriculture.


We can advise on the commercial solutions to the sale and purchase of businesses and assets. Advice can be provided with respect to corporate governance and compliance.


Information Technology Law


Our firm can offer clients advice and assistance with respect to the law relating to information technology, from advice concerning software licensing, through to systems implementation projects.


We can provide prompt and focused advice concerning the legal issues of both the users and providers of information technology services.


The firm can advise on global network restructuring as well as risk management.


Clients also benefit from specialist expertise which addresses the key issues of information technology outsourcing, facilities management, software research and development, service level agreements and technology transfer.


Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual property has been described as the hidden assets of an organisation. We can advise start - up visionaries as well as large companies to protect and grow their valuable intangible assets.


The commercial exploitation of intellectual property is an area where we can add value to your company.


Copyright, trade marks, patents, design rights, licensing, branding, trade secrets, privacy, merchandising are some areas which we can advise on.


From traditional intellectual property matters to emerging information technology, we understand the details of your innovations.


The Legal Aspects of International Trade


International trade law is the mixture of domestic and public international law that applies to transactions for goods or services that cross national boundaries.


Certain multilateral treaties play an important role in this field.


We can advise on international business contracts, product liability, the international sale of goods, public trade law, payments, financial aspects and the legal principles applicable to any business person or corporation carrying on the variety of activities that comprise a business venture.


Often foreign laws of other countries can impinge on international business and are of particular interest to business.


There can also be international treaties and conventions which facilitate contractual dealings between businesses in different countries.


Public trade law encompasses intergovernmental agreements of international trade.


Wills , Trusts and Estates


We can prepare either a single Will or double (mirror) Wills. A Will Drafting Instruction Form will be sent to you, if you complete our online contact form.


Executors and Personal Representatives prefer to have a law firm administer the estate of a deceased person. Our firm can administer the estate and can complete all formalities necessary to finalise an estate.


We are able to advise with respect to Inheritance Tax Planning at the time of drafting your Will or at a separate appointment.

Lasting Powers of Attorney documentation allows the person doing the appointing to grant to their appointed attorney, authority to make decisions on their behalf, should they be unable to make decisions for themselves. To draft a Lasting Power of Attorney is often complex and therefore our firm can provide assistance in this area.


During your lifetime you can specify in advance the extent of medical treatment you are to be given should you become unable to give instructions concerning your care in the future or suffer from a medical condition whereby your condition deteriorates over time.


A Living Will is designed to carry out your instructions in this important aspect of your life.


Trusts can be provided to save taxation and to protect property. Trusts can specifically be created by a Will or through a Trust Deed. The Trust is administered by Trustees on behalf of beneficiaries.


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